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The Background
Matoko is a tropical mountain top area about an hour straight driving from the capital of the City of Batangas in the Philippines. It’s ocean side beautiful live corrals rivals the best beaches of more popular destinations not only in the country but also places like Caribbean, the South Pacific and as well as neighbouring Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Facilities are available to suit different levels of activity. For those wanting to just lounge around and take in some rays, beachfront hotel and cottages have lounge chairs set up just a few steps away from the main entrance. Facilities for the usual water sports activities such as sailing, snorkeling, diving and jet skiing are also widely available for those in search of more active pursuits. The fun in Matoko Bay also doesn’t end when the sun sets. The Resort nightlife is pulsating with cocktail bar, restaurant serving food and by the bay party drinking set up to have fun until the very late evening.

“Matoko” a purposely derived title from a Japanese word meaning a lizard that lives endangeredly in the Island where it stands, and as the island itself is as shaped if you view it from the top.

The Center of the Center – Matoko Point
In 2004, prominent biologists Kent Carpenter of the IUCN (World Conservation Union) and Victor Springer of the Smithsonian Institute presented the results of their study on the world’s highest diversity and endemism, indicates that the Philippines is home to an astonishingly high marine life, particularly along the Verde Island Passage – a important domestic sea route that encompasses the provinces of Batangas, Marinduque, Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental and Romblon. This area is known as the “ Center of the Center” of the global marine fish shore biodiversity and Matoko Point is the Center of the Center.

Matoko - Verde Island Passage has been described as the "center of the center" of the world's marine biodiversity in a joint study by America's Smithsonian Institute.

Beneath the turquoise waves that funnel nutrients from the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea are spectacular reef formations of more than 300 species of cora and underwater rock canyons that host nearly 60 percent of the world's known shore fish species.

*Environmental management specialists of the International Fisheries Office inspects a coral reef formation in the Verde Passage. the aquarium fishers of the island are under pressure from neighboring communities to stop the practice which they allege harms the marine ecosystem.


• Elegant and exclusive, an enchanting resort within a best corrals and diving area, an enthralling sun-drenched destination that sweeps down to the pristine live corral beaches of the Philippines.
• Engage the happiness and fun in the place away from the stressful city, and while having relaxation in a Service that guarantees excellence.
• "A piece of Paradise… Earn and Enjoy the world".


Lot Parking Yes
Street Parking No
Valet Parking No


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